Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wangari Maathai Quiz

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Dr. Wangari Maathai (1940-2011) was one of the most influential women in the history of the modern sustainability movement. She was the first person to win the Nobel Peace Price for work on environmental issues. Below is a short quiz to test your knowledge on this important woman. The answers are in the comments.

1. She is very closely associated with the promotion of human rights and democracy in this African country. Name it.

2. She was selected to study in the United States through a foundation set up to educate African students in the U.S. by this future president. Name him.

3. She earned her undergraduate degree in biology from Mount St. Scholastica College. She also earned a masters degree in biology from this university. Name it.

4. Although Dr. Maathai is most closely associated with forests, she was the first woman in her country to earn a Ph.D. in this field. Name it.

5. Dr. Maathai formed this important movement in 1977 that focused on planting trees and empowering women by developing economic activities in regenerated forests (such as bee keeping and sustainable firewood collection). Name the movement that resulted in over 51million planted trees with 30,000 women engaged in the project.

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6. Dr. Maathai and her team fought against the destruction of forests and parks for development. She was beaten senseless and hospitalized when she tried to plant a tree in an area of a national forest that the President of her country wanted to turn into a golf course. One of the most important projects she stopped was the construction of Africa's tallest building on a public park in her country's capital city. Name the capital and the park she saved.

7. Her activism led her to have significant problems with leaders in her country and she experienced times when she was beaten and jailed. Many world leaders came to her assistance during times when she was imprisoned or had threats on her life due to her environmental work. These individuals probably saved her life by pointing out the human rights abuses taking place against environmentalists in her home country. Her nemesis during this period was the leader of her country. Name him.

8. In 2006, Maathai, along with seven other women such as Sophia Loren, Isabel Allende, and Susan Sarandon were part of the 2006 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. How were they featured?

9. Maathai received the Nobel Peace Prize, in part because she was one of the first to broadly speak and act on the linkages between protecting the environment, green jobs, cultural sustainability, and women's rights. In what year did she win the award?

10. Dr. Maathai, like other women environmentalists before her, was attacked by male detractors as being crazy, too bossy, and uncontrollable. What influential American woman environmental writer was attacked in the 1960s using similar language?


Bob Brinkmann said...
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Bob Brinkmann said...

1. Kenya
2. John F. Kennedy
3. University of Pittsburgh
4. Veterinary anatomy
5. The Green Belt Movement
6. Nairobi, Uhuru Park
7. Daniel Moi
8. They carried in the Olympic flag. Each women represented a different region of the world.
9. 2004
10. Rachel Carson