Sunday, September 6, 2015

Waiting -- A New Poem by Stan Brunn

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30 August 2015                              
Waiting to enter the world
To talk, to walk and to sing
To go to school and to play
To become a teenager and an adult
To retire and experience a renewal of youth.
Waiting to find a trusted friend
               To find the right life mate
               To be able to vote
               To drive a car
               To be treated like an adult.
Waiting to earn a living
               To receive a decent living wage
               To have a good working environment
               To not be exploited
               To be at-one with one’s self.
Waiting to find a good place to live
               To have a place called home
               To provide for a family
               To have a health care policy
               To enjoy work-free weekends and holidays.
Waiting to distinguish between needs from wants
               To separate the need for healthy foods over a fancy car
               To prize the “groupie” photo over the “selfie”
               To value love more than a laptop
               To cherish conversation over material comforts.
Waiting to find the perfect drug to end obesity
               To reduce arthritis and end infertility
               To find a near-perfect life partner
               To join an imperfect church
               To await a contented immortality.
Waiting for the dawn of each new day
               For the eternal springs of life
               For discovering our real selves in our dark holes
               For rains that come to our parched soul
               For the sunsets throughout all of life.
Waiting for an escape from a personal prison
               For an end to an unhealthy addiction
               For time to practice patience
               For a period of inner growth
               For a lost memory to be restored.
Waiting for the line at a grocery store to speed up
               For the traffic light to turn green or a bus to come
               For the long commuting time to shorten
               For the cell phone to charge so we can talk
               For the next pension or social security check to arrive.
Waiting anxiously for an email or letter from home
               For news about our job search
               For our favorite TV program to start
               For a good night’s sleep
               For a joyous homecoming.
Waiting for men to stop speaking for women
               For the rich to stop speaking for the poor
               For the powerful to stop speaking for the powerless
               For the clergy to stop speaking for God
               For the scientist to stop speaking for the humanist.
Waiting for the love in our heart to come
               For healing to begin
               For the flower in us to open
               For jealousies to die
               For our beauty to be appreciated.
Waiting for the blindness in us to see
               For the hearing in us to listen
               For the silences in us to speak
               For the selfishness in us to share
               For the “inaction” in us to act.
Waiting for the refugee to find freedom
               For the personal imprisonment to end
               For the undocumented and illegal to become a citizen
               For the orphan to find a loving family
               For the gay couple to be legally married.
Waiting for a spiritual rebirth
               For a prayer to be answered
               For a miracle to happen
               For the body to be made whole
               For the soul to loudly speak.
Waiting for the school year to end
               For the new school year to begin              
               For the graduate to find a job      
               For leaving home to begin a new life
               For homecomings on holidays.
Waiting for hatred to end
               For discrimination to end
               For abusive behavior to end
               For wrongful imprisonment to end
               For all injustices to end.
Waiting for recognition that humans cause climate change
               For serious proposals for green energy
               For universal consumer protection watch
               For preserving our planetary diversity
               For healing times and healing places.
Waiting for a recovery that may never happen
               For healing that may never come
               For growing that may never come
               For more healing times and healing places
               For end of life that we know will come.   

                                                                                                         Stan Brunn

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