Thursday, August 20, 2015

Riverhills Park, Temple Terrace, Florida

Today I continue my series featuring my photos of state and local parks of the United States. Today we visit Riverhills Park in Temple Terrace, Florida. This park is park of the City of Temple Terrace park system. Temple Terrace is located adjacent to the City of Tampa. Founded in the 1920's, the city is the first in the U.S. to be built around a golf course. The city also borders the beautiful Hillsborough River. Riverhills Park is one of the best amenities in the community in that it offers tremendous access to the river via a boardwalk and boat ramp. It is one of my go to parks when I am in Tampa.

Following the photos are links to my posts on other state and local parks. You can find my links on photos of the national parks here.

The Hillsborough River widens near this park due to the dam that is used by the City of Tampa for maintaining its water supply. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

Yes, they are everywhere. Two of my neighbors had them in their backyard. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.
Lovely view from the boardwalk. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.
One of the highlight of the park is that it is home to the
Temple Terrace community garden. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

The boardwalk is used as a memorial of people or events. You can pay a small fee to have something written on it. The fee helps support the park. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

Lots of beautiful cypress trees and cypress knees along the boardwalk. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

Many people fish in the park. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

There are also many picnic spots. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

One can also pay to have a memorial bench in the park. The costs support park activities. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

There is an historical marker to denote the Spanish exploration of the area in the mid 1700's. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

A cross is present near the site of the historical marker. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

There are also lots of play areas for kids. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

There's a small dock. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

And a boat ramp. It is currently closed due the very high water levels. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

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Riverhills Park, Temple Terrace

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