Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tears--A New Poem by Stan Brunn

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 The topic for this poem was suggested by Natalya Tyutenkova.                       


Tears surface when we lose a close friend
            Or someone we love did us offend.
Tears surface when a dream has been deferred
            Or an unexpected miracle in life occurred.
Tears surface in cases of hurt and personal agony
            Or rebirth, new found ecstasy and inner harmony.
Tears surface with re-reading soul-wrenching lines in a poem
            Or welcoming the restless soul back home.
Tears surface with new found liberation
            Or rekindling the ashes of emancipation.
Tears surface when performing community service and not paying a fine
            Or being found innocent of some terrible crime.
Tears surface in the emotions of the new immigrant citizen
            Or victims of hatred and supporters of patriotism.
Tears surface with healing and the marvels of modern science
            Or touching, enduring prayers and steadfast patience.
Tears surface with the death of a pet and favorite flower
            Or loss of a homeland and political power.
Tears surface with those facing a terminal illness situation
            Or babies born with a debilitating  mental and physical condition.
Tears surface when singing a familiar hymn or recounting a folk tragedy
            Or sharing one’s pilgrimages and personal geography.

Tears are the result of deep-seated sentiments
            Of grieving, happiness and outright fulfillments.
Tears represent the outpouring of some emotion
            Of unexpected losses and personal emancipation.
Tears release our rivers of joys and of sorrows
            Of heavy burdens and beds of flowers.
Tears come from victims of bullying, subtle and blatant racism
            Of family abuse, police and acts of terrorism.
Tears accompany acts of personal growth and freedom
            Of breaking free of a family, society and religious tradition.
Tears are welcomed in times of confession
            Of emptying pent-up anger and frustration.
Tears are our geysers of an endless search for oneness
            Of striving for newness and being morally righteous.
Tears and weeping are mediums of therapy
            Of deep sharings of both harm and ecstacy.
Tears can also be fountains of surprise and glee
            Of inward growth and new found liberty.
Tears come from fantasy and from happiness
            Of giveness and also forgiveness.
Tears forever water the desert of the human soul
            From which all goodness and love eternally flow.

                                                          Stan Brunn, June 28, 2015

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