Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Park Series Starts with Eisenhower Park

This park gets points for this giant map of Long Island.
Photo by Bob Brinkmann
I am just about finished with my National Park series highlighting open access photos of our national parks. I am introducing two new series today one of which begins with this post.

The first series will be similar to the National Park series except that it will highlight the National Monuments of the United States. This series will commence when I conclude the National Park Series later this year.

The second series focuses on state and local parks. The series will have some brief text and links along with photos of state and local parks I visit around the U.S.

The old men and the sea. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.
Today starts the series on state and local parks of the United States. Today we visit Eisenhower Park which is a Nassau County Park near the center of Long Island. This is one of my go-to parks for running or walking. It was founded in 1944 when the county took over a failed country club. The park was originally called Salisbury Park but was renamed Eisenhower Park in 1969.

This is a hard working park. It is very popular for sports activities and has a natatorium, ice rinks, baseball fields, a golf course, tennis courts, lots of running and walking paths, playgrounds, picnic grounds, and several memorials including a 911 memorial.

Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

A giant natatorium is very popular. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.
Trapeze classes anyone? Photo by Bob Brinkmann.
There are more baseball fields than I can count. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.
The 911 Memorial. Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

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