Sunday, June 21, 2015

Silent as Cemeteries. A New Poem by Stan Brunn

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19 June 2015

Written after a spate of senseless killings in schools, shopping centers, churches, restaurants and public gathering, which call into question “gun rights” (actually wrongs) and gun ownership and use.

Silent as Cemeteries
Where is our sense of collective goodness and conscience?
To speak out against rampant criminal gun violence?
Where more “talk” is about “gun rights” liberties
Than the deaths of innocent fatalities.
What about the loud silences of pro-gun lobbies
Bullying aggressively those cowardly law-making buddies?
No forthcoming public words expressing sincere remorse
Or initiating or advocating a human-caring discourse.
These groups are like silent like tombstones in a cemetery
Unresponsive, deafening and showing little concern for humanity.
What do “pro gun” advocates do about senseless killings?
Find support for gun ownership in constitutional beginnings.
Head for the tall grass with no words of empathy
Not leading public protests with grieving or sympathy.
Certainly, some must wonder how many more deaths
We will have before seeing enforceable corrective acts.
Police and justice officials are also silenced and dumbfounded
By advocates believing gun ownership is legally grounded.
How many more friends, children, husbands and wives
Have to experience hate crime deaths with shortened lives.
Killing others is definitely a mental illness problem
So perhaps is owning a licensed/unlicensed hand gun.
Most gun deaths involve family and friends
Who fail to resolve conflicts and make amends.
Did our founding fathers (not mothers) worship the gun
Or have we misinterpreted ownership of a lethal weapon?
Do religions contribute more towards violence
Than accepting others and inner peace?
We need lawyers, clergy and educators to take a stance
To break the silences of violence acceptance.
Practicing greater compassion, love and sympathy
Will definitely contribute towards a more humane geography.

                                                                                                            Stan Brunn

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