Sunday, June 14, 2015

Map Your Future in Pencil a New Poem by Stan Brunn Inspired by Jon Bon Jovi

7 June 2015
This poem was inspired by a line from the popular American singer and activist, Jon Bon Jovi who made it at the commencement speech he delivered at Rutgers University-Camden, New Jersey, 21 May 2015. His line was: “It’s OK to map out your future, but do it in pencil.”  It speaks to a future that all of us need to keep in mind, regardless of age, occupation, gender, ethnicity, or political persuasion.

Jon Bon Jovi. Click for photo credit.

                              Map Your Future in Pencil

Where will you be – expect some real surprises!!
What will be your political views – be prepared for some changes!!
Who will be your closest friends – expect some from across the globe!!
Where will you be living AND wanting to be with you – you just don’t know!!
What kind of jobs will you have - cross out any plan at least five times!!
Where will you retire – consult an atlas for ideas!!
What your children may do and be – expect some shocking revelations!!
Who wants to take care of you – you just don’t know!!
Whom will you take care of – expect some surprises!!
What will you look like in 50 years – genetics don’t tell everything!!
What kind of person will you be in 2025 and 2050 – don’t consult a palm reader!!

Expect some days and years of uncertainty
Perhaps, poverty in spirit and physical misery
But also adventuring, jubilation and harmony
Healing, hope and spiritual recovery.
Others will be expect of you more than you know
As they, with you, also want to grow.

It will contain many an unexpected twist and turn
As you constantly grow, learn and relearn.
And times of erasing, stopping and then restarting
But also places of backpedaling, jumping and reflecting.
Make sure you always carry plenty of pencil
The instrument helping you attain your potential.
And don’t apologize for plenty of erasures
To map both your adversities and your pleasures.
Your final life map has not yet been made
Because you don’t know where you will have moved or stayed.
                                                                                          Stan Brunn

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