Monday, April 6, 2015

Water Management on Long Island

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Check out my op-ed in Newsday, Long Island's main newspaper, on water management in Long Island. Across the island, there are 41 different water management districts all taking water from the same aquifer. I make the case that aquifers like this need regional water management approaches similar to how water coming from the Floridan and Edwards Aquifers are managed in Florida and Texas.

The troubles in California create an interesting case study. That state's water system is highly unsustainable. It is plumbed to bring water from the wet north and east to the megalopolis of southern California where residents reside in a desert that receives about 10 inches of water a year. Such a setting leaves residents vulnerable to drought and sets the stage for regional water conflict.

While Long Island does receive an abundant rainfall, its coastal setting leaves it vulnerable to salt water intrusion. More significantly, because the entire population draws from a single aquifer with direct contact to the surface, Long Island is highly susceptible to groundwater contamination.

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