Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shadows - A New Poem by Stan Brunn


Our life is like a perpetual shadow
            With us wherever we go.
In morning, noon and night
            Wherever there is light.
Shadows are part of our silent growth and being
            Whether working in sunlight or loving in moonlight.
Shadows are ubiquitous; following us every day
            In January, October and May.
The shadow length can be short or tall
            At equator, poles, spring, or fall.
Many of us live in the shadow of others
            Friends, parents, sisters and brothers.
For some a shadow is like a mother’s womb
            For others superstition, doom and gloom.
Some have a fear of shadows or sciophobia
            In Russia, China, Ireland and Australia.
Trees, buildings and churches have shadows
As do birds, ants, blades of grass and corn rows.
We know that our life will end in perpetual shadow
            When at rest we will cease to grow.

                                                        Stan Brunn, April 28, 2015

Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

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