Monday, April 13, 2015

Rivers and Roots-A New Poem by Stan Burnn

Rivers and Roots                                           

Planet Earth has millions of rivers and roots
               Everywhere: above, below and at the surface.
Many are their bends and branches everywhere
               Seeking light and nourishment and bringing pleasure.
Continents everywhere have millions of rivers and roots
               Some are named features, but countless remain unnamed.
Rivers are “horizontal trees;” and trees are “vertical rivers” everywhere
               With twists and turns carrying growth that flows unceasingly.
Family trees everywhere are “rivers” with millions of roots and branches
               Names new and historic, long and short, known and unknown.
Visible at the surface everywhere are hundreds of these rivers and roots
               Roads, forests, ancient rivers, pilgrimage and heritage sites.
Invisible at surfaces everywhere are thousands of rivers and roots
               Knowledge, dreams, prayers, music, genes, freedom and social media.
Subsurfaces everywhere are also many rivers and roots
Crops & trees, water & liquid energy, burrowing animals & schools of fish.
Above surfaces everywhere are also many invisible rivers and roots
               Weather systems, flight paths, migrating birds and satellite orbits.
As planetary citizens let us not forget that everywhere there are
               Rivers and roots of love, justice, caring and passion.
Each of us on Planet Earth everywhere is both a river and a root
               That continues to flow and also to grow.
                                                                  Stan Brunn, April 11, 2015

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