Sunday, April 19, 2015

Podcasting for Your Life-Food Activists Take to the Air

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As a lead in to the Long Island Food Conference that will be held at Hofstra University on Saturday, April 25th, I will be focusing on food issues on the blog this week. To register for the conference, please see this site.

Today's focus is on all of those communicators who work on food activism. While there is plenty of television that shows us great restaurants, how to cook food, and food competition, there are few sources of information about food and sustainability.

Today, I thought I would three interesting sources that deal with very different issues.

First is iEatGreen a Website and Radio show run by the very energetic Bhavani Jaroff, one of Long Island's leading voices on food and sustainability. Check out her site with a link to her radio show here. I love her show in that it reminds me of the radio shows around food from my childhood. It starts off with an update from Bhavani on what is happening in her world and then moves on to food related events going on in the New York and Long Island region. Following this brief introduction, she discusses a recipe of the week. What I like about the recipe discussion is that she is very practical in her approach. If you don't have one item on hand, she provides alternatives. After discussing the recipe, she has an interview. Over the years, she's interviewed most of the major players on food in the country. The archives of her podcast are a who's who of the food and sustainability world.

Second is Ellen Kamhi from the Natural Nurse Podcast. Ellen is a professor and nurse who has a strong expertise in natural herbs and health. Her podcast often focuses on the link of diet and health. Check out her Website with a link to her show here. She often covers some of the more interesting issues that are emerging in the link between food and health.

Third is a blog and radio show called Green Inside Out with Beth Fiteni. Check out her site here which has a link to her radio show archives. Beth covers a broad range of sustainability issues on her show and blog. Food is a common topic and her shows are always fascinating.

Some of these podcasters will be at the Long Island Food Conference. I hope to see you there!

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