Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Quiz

A statue of Douglas. Click for photo credit.
There is a great deal of controversy in Florida these days over how to protect and preserve the Everglades. Voters approved a measure to fund a land purchases of sensitive lands in the state some time ago and a deal is in the works to purchase some of the big sugar holdings to collect water polluted with nutrients from Lake Okeechobee for natural remediation prior to release into the low-nutrient Everglades environment. The problem is that the state's legislature and governor want to do a bait and switch with the money and use it to fund state agencies--clearly not the intent of the law. People opposed to purchase of the big sugar land purchase hired actors to protest a meeting and Jimmy Buffett led a protest in favor of the deal in Tallahassee.

There is no doubt that the land purchase will help to preserve the Everglades.

I thought in light of this controversy that it was time for a Marjory Stoneman Douglas Quiz. She is one of what I call the Trifecta of Florida Women Writers who had a profound impact on how we look at the environment in Florida. You can read about this trifecta here. The answers to the quiz are in the comments section.

1. Marjory Stoneman Douglas wrote what is considered the most important book ever published on the Everglades. It set the stage for greater awareness of the ecological importance of what many considered to be a waste of space. Name the book.

2. What year did she publish the book?

3. When she was in her 20's Marjory started to work for which important newspaper?

4. Besides being an important environmental activist, in which other area of activism was Marjory prominent?

5.  She was known for her quirky dress and she was most always seen wearing a particular set of accessories-even in the Florida sun. Name the accessories.

6. She was active in Everglades preservation until her death. In what year did she pass away and how old was she?

7. In 1970, she formed an important advocacy group to help protect the Everglades. Name the group.

8. Marjory was friends with another famous writer in Florida who also had an influence on environmental thought in the state. Name this writer.

9. In 1993, President Clinton awarded her this famous award given for individuals who accomplish extraordinary achievements. Name the Award.

10. Where is Marjory Stoneman Douglas' final resting place?

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Bob Brinkmann said...

1. The Everglades: Rover of Grass
2. 1947
3. The Miami Herald
4. Women's rights
5. Hat, gloves, and pearls
6. 1998, 108
7. Friends of the Everglades
8. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, author of The Yearling
9. The Presidential Medal of Freedom
10. Her ashes were spread in the Everglades