Friday, March 13, 2015

Time to Wipe the Wipe?

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The New York Times has an interesting article here about the problems associated with the use of flushable wipes in personal hygiene.  They cause tremendous problems with sewer systems.  According to the article, the wipes cost New York City $18 million in equipment problems.

The wipes do not break down like regular toilet paper.  They stick around within the sewage treatment process and must be handled as a solid waste.  Toilet paper, in contrast, breaks down and can be released in waste water.

There have been many noted instances of the wipes clogging plumbing and sewage lines all over the world.  Some have called for a ban of the wipes, while others have urged manufacturers to improve the biodegradability of the wipes.  Some are also calling for users to dispose of the wipes in the trash after use instead of flushing.

Clearly, this is an emerging problem for our very expensive public waste water infrastructure that we must solve.

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