Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Day of Equinoxity-A New Poem by Stan Brunn

The Day of Equinoxity

On this day of equal night and darkness

All should seek to be extra-nice.
Photo by Bob Brinkmann

Discover ways to promote a world of closeness

And harmony in all forms of justice.

Equal this day are those named Phyllis and Alice

And those gents named Maurice and Elvis.

And those living in Connecticut and Kansas

And those in ghettos and who are stateless.

We think of the shy and voluptuous

And the self-righteous and the religious.

Yes, and don’t forget the priest and the waitress

The struggling student and members of congress.

Remember those on Facebook and wireless

And those who are wild and those sleepless.

Those who live in worlds we call placeless

And those in places which are timeless.

Let’s not forget those in worlds of loneliness

Who constantly are in need of an atlas.

                                                                                                               Stan Brunn 21 March 2015

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