Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Florida Scrubs Climate Change Information While State Scientists Look the Other Way

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The Guardian's recent article on banning of terms like "climate change" and "sustainability" from Florida's Department of Environmental Protection office is old news for On the Brink Readers.  I broke this story here on this blog in this piece over a year ago.  The state's Websites were scrubbed of earlier reports on state sustainability and climate change efforts and it is very clear to those of us who watch state governments that the internal politics within Florida agencies is difficult.

I think that once the pendulum swings back in Florida, and it always does, key scientists in state leadership will have some explaining to do.  Why were they complicit in this political scrubbing of well-known scientific facts and in the removal of data and other information related to climate change from state Websites?  I know many in scientific leadership positions in the state and they are all certainly not climate change deniers. How could they maintain silence on these issues when there is already evidence of inundation in areas of Miami?  How could they stand by while data and research were removed from easy public access?

The bottom line is that the state is among the most vulnerable places in the world to global climate change and well educated people who work in leadership roles for state government and who understand the risk to the state from global climate change stood by while data and reports were removed from online access.

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