Sunday, March 29, 2015

DNA--A New Poem by Stan Brunn


Who we are on any given day
Is based in part on our DNA,
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Whether at work or at play
Hair is blond, black or a shade of gray.

DNA is more important than we know
For it influences physically how we grow,
How our mind’s growth and emotions flow
The children we have, the seeds we sow.

A “cultural DNA” is integral to our being
The languages we learn and practice speaking
Our caring, laughing and loving
And accepting, singing and praying.

We are not just material genetic
But prehistoric, contemporary and geographic
But also hermitic, mystic and poetic
Humanistic, artistic and scientific.

Biological and cultural DNA together hold sway
How we behave and what we say
In March, June, July and May
Yesterday, tomorrow and even today.
                    Stan Brunn, March 28, 2015

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