Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bridges--A New Poem by Stan Brunn

Photo by Bob Brinkmann

12 March 2015                                


Life is a bridge of daily journeys

            Work to leisure; awake to sleep; darkness to sunrise.

Each day and hour is a bridge to the next

            Each year a bridge to the next.

We celebrate bridges: birthdays, holidays and year’s end

            Some with joy, others with anxiety.

We witness the bridges of weather and seasons

             From rain to sun; from winter to spring.

Our bridges are boundaries into the known and unknown

            Sometimes crossed without thinking, other times with risks.

Some bridges crossed are deeply personal

Adolescence, marriage, parenting and grandparenting.

While teen and retirement bridges may be defined with ease

Gender, identity and intellect are far more fuzzy.

Our personal maps are some bridges we traverse with ease,

            Work spaces, social classes and heritage sites.

And those school, religion, language, health and planning districts

            And jigsaw puzzles of local, state and international boundaries.

Crossing bridges for some bring fear, despair, uncertainty and sadness

For other bridges no ends exist:  freedom, learning, justice and hopes.

And some bridges we cannot enter and will not cross

            Religion, gender, lifestyle, citizenship and ideology.

Some bridges bring newfound joys when finally crossed

            And healing, loving, forgiving, unexpected growth.

Some bridges are visible: play spaces, streets and roads

Others invisible - time zones, space travel, internet and Facebook.

Those songs we sing, languages we speak and prayers we utter

Are bridges of the soul, the mind and the spirit.

Our personal geographies contain “maps of bridges”

            Some visible, some known, some we create, others created.

Each journey is a bridge across time and space

Life itself is a journey of bridges.

                                                                                           Stan Brunn

Photo by Bob Brinkmann

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