Friday, March 20, 2015

77% of Native Rabbits Eaten by Pythons in the Everglades

A Burmese Python in Florida.  Click for photo credit.
I've written several pieces about the invasion of the Burmese Python in Florida.  They have been seen as far north as Tampa and are finding quite a home in the Everglades.  There was a recent report in the Miami Herald about a recent study that demonstrated that 77 percent of native rabbits that were released in the Everglades were eaten by the python.  Check out the report here.  Plus, researchers are seeing declines in possum and raccoon populations as well.  It is estimated that there has been a 90-95% decline in their populations.

The new rabbit study suggests that the invasive snakes are having a larger impact on native populations than feared.  While there have been some efforts to try to reduce the python population in the state, so far they have been unsuccessful.

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