Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Department of Geology, Environment, and Sustainability Start of Spring Semester 2015 Snowday Photo Contest!!!

The start of the semester at Hofstra University was impacted by some spectacular winter storms.  In order to focus on the positive, I set up a photo contest in our Department for students to take pictures in two categories:

Category 1. The beauty and/or awesomeness of nature. There are few things more beautiful than a snowstorm and few things in nature more powerful than a blizzard. The photo can include the built environment, but the focus should be on nature, snow, or the storm.
Category 2. Fun on the snow day. This photo should represent the a fun thing you did on the snow days. The photo can be inside or out. The focus is on fun!

The winner in each category gets:
1. A $10 food voucher for use on campus.
2. A jar of yummy quince jam (made by me) from quince that grew on the tree outside of Roosevelt Hall.
3. Each winning photo will be featured on my blog.

Here is the winner for the beauty and awesomeness of nature category.  The photo was taken by Sustainability Major Joanne Norris.  The judges loved the icicles on the Hofstra University campus and the whole composition of the photo.

Here is the top winner in the fun category.  It was made by geology student Ashley Persaud.  In her submission she identified the minerals in all of the beads of the bracelet she made during the snow day.

Congratulations to Ashley and Joanne!  I'll get you your goodies next time I see you!

Two photos did receive honorable mention.

The first one is by Geology Major Asha Lewis.  It is of a snow covered tree in Brooklyn.  I love the light on the branches and the delicate mix of colors.

This last one is of a sunset from campus taken by Sustainability Major Joanne Norris.  The colors in this photo are really lovely.

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