Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sunday Poetry Contribution by Stan Brunn

Here is a special contribution from noted geographer, Stan Brunn, from the University of Kentucky.  He is one of the most prolific writers in the field of geography.  We have been corresponding on a project and he sent along this poem which he gave me permission to publish. 
Snow Is Life/Life Is Snow
Stan Brunn

Snow, snow, all around
Makes us feel so snowbound.
For many are trapped with no escape
From this whitened snowscape.
Children, snow creations and at play
Adults adding numbers nine months to the day.
And what about this global warming
That our scientists said was a-coming?
In all this we confidently know
Whether out intellect is fast or snow
Snow is truly a great equalizer
Whether liberal or radical, youth or senior.
A think white frosting on earth-cake
That covers the sins and beauties we do make.
Did you see the trillions of snowflakes
Sewn together that a snow quilt makes?
And count those many shades of white
And hear the silent building of those mounds of height?
While we all experience polar bear hibernation
Some will discover a snowbound celebration.
Times for extra sleep and inner reflection
Reading, snow shoveling  and needed affection.
Thinking of the poor, those cold, and the hungry birds
And those seeking warm places and soothing words.
While these weather extremes we have no control
We know they affect our body, mind and soul.
Finding the lonely and kindred spirit
And the joys of snow that come with it.
Perhaps heavy snow is God’s embracing the earth
With beautiful and colorful new-found birth.

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