Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fasting for the Climate this Lent

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Are you participating in Lent this year?  Each year, millions of Christians around the world observe the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter as a time of reflection and recommitment to the message of the Gospels.  Non-Christians often join in on the Lent season as a personal spiritual journey to reconnect with their beliefs and reflect on their role in the world.

If you are thinking about doing something around the Lenten season, Global Climate Movement has some suggestions for you.

According to their Website, the Global Climate movement defines themselves this way:

Concerned about man-made climate change and united by our Catholic fait, we have come together to care for God's creation, for the poor-who are the most vulnerable to climate disruption-, and for our children-who will face the worst impacts in the coming years-.  We encourage Catholics to renew our relationship with creation and with our brothers and sisters in poverty, and we urge our political leaders to commit to ambitious climate action to solve this urgent crisis and keep the global temperature increase below 1.5 degree Celsius (relative to pre-industrial levels).

The group is encouraging individuals to sign up for a Lenten Fast.  You can read about it here.  While the term fast suggests slowing down on food consumption, the focus of the fast is multi-faceted.  For example, there are daily suggestions as to how to fast (such as recycling, avoiding consumerism, etc.).

Catholic or not, the Lenten Fast provides a late winter opportunity for reflection about our place in the world and how we can help to make the world a better place.

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