Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Corporate Sustainability Indicators Leveling Off

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Check out this interesting report from GreenBiz that shows that sustainability indicators are largely leveling off for many companies.  What this means is that companies have done about all that they are going to do on sustainability fronts without greater prodding or without financial incentives.  While progress is being made on new fronts, particularly in the area of palm oil, the notion of corporate sustainability is worth calling into question.  Are the big companies of the world still on board in moving forward with sustainability?  If you check out the Websites of most companies, they are embracing a form of sustainability.  Yet at the same time, it seems as if there needs to be a sustainability 2.0 upgrade.

My reading of the situation is that many companies took a hit during the recent economic decline and they were largely focused on mission critical issues.  However, I predict that as the economy improves, there will be greater awareness and need for a reframing of sustainability indicators in the new economy.

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