Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Southern Queens Greenway

Map of the original greenway plan.
In 1993, the City of New York published a Greenway Masterplan that connected the 5 boroughs of the city with walking trails and bike paths.  This was an ambitious plan that tried to link up the city within usable trails to try to promote bike and walking for commuting and exercise.  Today, only a portion of the greenway system has been built.

There is a group, spearheaded by Daniel Solow, that is trying to reinvigorate the greenway process within southern Queens.  I am very excited about this because I am very interested in the same thing for Long Island.  We have many commuters who go back and forth between Queens (and other portions of the city) and Long Island who would benefit from an integrated greenway system.

Long Island has one of the highest pedestrian and bike deaths in the country and it is time to start a serious conversation around integrated greenways in our region.

To learn more about the efforts for the Southern Queens Greenway, please see their Website here.  You can also sign their petition for action here.

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