Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top On The Brink Posts for 2014

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It is always interesting and fun to look back on the year and find out what posts on the blog were the most popular.  My all time most popular post still is this one on the Do's and Don't's of Twerking for University Professors.  It is the shortest piece in this history of the blog and remains popular for some reason.  The experts in modern writing tell us to keep it short and I guess it works.

However, in 2014, the most popular posts are of a more serious and lengthy variety.  The times, they are a changing.  The top ten posts from most popular on down are below.

1.  Aldo Leopold Quiz.  For some reason, all of my quizzes on famous sustainability or environmental leaders get a great deal of attention.  Expect to see more in the future.

2.  Michael Mann, Hockey Stick Hero.  I had the privilege of meeting Michael Mann this year.  He is the scientist who came up (with others) the famous hockey stick graph that extrapolated global temperature to demonstrate the impacts of greenhouse gas pollution on the environment.  He was attacked by many and has suffered both personal and professionally due to the attacks on his reputation.

3.  Into the Farm:  My Review of Forrest Pritchard's Book:  Gaining Ground:  A Story of Farmers' Markets, Local Food and Saving the Family Farm.  Book reviews continue to be popular on the blog.  This book was one of my favorite of the year.

4.  Last Remaining Link to Hofstra Family Passes Away.  This post celebrated the life of Irene Theresa (Szczepkowsi) Cxamecki.  She was born on the Hofstra campus before it was a campus and was the daughter of the Hofstra's chauffeur.  In a strange bit of coincidence, her daughter is a friend of min I met before I ever thought of coming to Hofstra.

5.  Hofstra Sustainability Students Spend Summer Saving the World.  My blog posts about my students are always popular.  This one reviewed all the wonderful things some of my students did over the summer.

6.  Landfill Problems in Venezuela.  I spent part of January in Venezuela and did a series of posts on Latin America while I was there.  This post was the most popular of the series and the 6th most popular of the year.

7.  Extinction of the Giant Sloth.  I did write about sloths in Venezuela, but the post I did in follow up to the South America trip got considerable attention.  Giant sloths once roamed large areas of North America and continue to captivate the imagination.

8.  Zero Emission Cars.  I jumped and bought an electric hybrid this year.  However, this post points out that zero emission cars still have emissions.  However, the emissions from power plants where electricity is produced are far less than the emissions from burning fossil fuels in a car engine.

9.  Isle Royale National Park.  My series on the national parks remain some of the most popular on the blog.  Indeed, several other park blog posts almost made their way into the top 10 list.

10.  Hawaii GMO Debate Highlighted in the New York Times.  The GMO issue continues to intrigue all of us in the environmental community.  In Hawaii, the focus is on the papaya.

Thank you for your continued interest in On the Brink.  I wish all of you a green, healthy, happy, and successful 2015!

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