Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bill McKibben Quiz

Bill McKibben.  Click for photo credit.
One of the organizers of the upcoming Peoples Climate March in New York City is noted environmentalist and author, Bill McKibben.  Here's a quiz to check your knowledge about this important figure in this history of the American environmental movement.  Answers in the comments.

1.  Bill McKibben's first book, published in 1989, is considered one of the most important early books on global climate change.  What is the name of the book?

2.  Where does he teach?

3.  What is the name of the organization that he started that focuses on climate change and that organized the upcoming climate march?

4.  McKibben was a writer of this column in the New Yorker.

5.  He grew up near this major American city.

6.  What is McKibben's religion?

7.  Where did he get his college degree?

8.  In what state does McKibben live today?

9.  McKibben's wife is also a writer.  Name her.

10.  McKibben has been very critical of a major infrastructure project that connects the U.S. and Canada.  Name the project.

1 comment:

Bob Brinkmann said...

1. The End of Nature.
2. Middlebury College
4. On the Town
5. Boston
6. Methodist
7. Harvard
8. Vermont
9. Sue Halpern
10. The Keystone XL Pipeline