Thursday, August 28, 2014

On 180,000 Words

I recently finished the first draft of a 180,000 word book project.  While there is much editing to do, the hardest part is over.  I worked on this project on and off for the last two years, but completed a big push to get it done this summer.

There are many people and organizations to thank, but I'll save that for the front pages of the book.  You know who you are (Mario, Hofstra, National Center for Suburban Studies, students, faculty, colleagues, Oxford University, John Wiley and Sons, and many others).

One of the things that happened to me while writing in a very concentrated way over the summer was that I became a bit obsessive and superstitious about my writing activities.  I always had word goals for the day and I would find myself repeating the goal over and over in my head until I had it done.  4000 was an odd mantra and companion.  While I could write anywhere (and did), I found myself truly productive in libraries.

All of that writing also led to other writing.  Over the summer, I wrote or finished up 4 articles that will go out for peer review and several opinion pieces.  After I finished the draft earlier this week, I found myself missing the activity of writing and wrote this for Huffingtonpost.  I feel like I am on a writing train that won't stop and I am really okay with being on board.

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