Saturday, July 12, 2014

John Muir Quiz Part 2

On February 11, 2013, I published a John Muir Quiz on this blog that turned out to be one of my most popular posts.  I suspect that some teachers or students around the country are using it for ideas and deeper learning.  The Google search engine seems to really like my blog posts and a search of John Muir will find my blog entries on him elevated pretty high.  You can see the original quiz here.

I thought I would expand the quiz with ten new questions.  Let's get our Muir on!!  Click the comments for answers.

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1.  John Muir is credited with starting which important environmental organization?

2.  Near the end of his life, he fought the building of a dam within Yosemite National Park.  What was the river on which the dam was proposed?

3.  Did he win the fight?

4.  Muir became friends with this well-known American President and even took him camping.  Which President was it?

5.  Muir had an influential friend that later turned into an enemy.  Their friendship ended over different views of public lands.  Muir felt that public land should be preserved and protected for future generations.  His friend felt that public lands could be used for some activities like sheep herding.  Name this influential friend who was also the head of the U.S. Forest Service.

6.  Many picture Muir living a life totally living within the wilderness.  That is not true.  He had a business that kept him occupied for most of his time in California.  It was a family business, so he was able to escape to the mountains regularly while the rest of the family oversaw the operations.  What was the business?

7.  In what city did Muir die?

8.   Muir was the first Euro-American to explore this famous place in Alaska.

9.  In the first quiz, I noted that Muir got very sick when he walked from Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico.  In what place did he get sick?

10.  After he got sick, he went to New York to catch a boat to California.  But first, he sailed to this important city.

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Bob Brinkmann said...

1. Sierra Club
2. Hetch Hetchy
3. No, the dam was built largely to provide water supply to San Francisco. The water systems failed after the big earthquake, so the steady supply of water to the city was a determining factor in the decision. However, the fight was so big, that no major project has been undertaken within the national parks since.
4. Long Island's Teddy Roosevelt
5. Gifford Pinchot
6. When he married at 40, his wife's family owned a successful fruit ranch. He took it over and managed it most of the rest of his life. However, his family and the farm workers pitched in so he could write and travel.
7. Los Angeles
8. Glacier Bay
9. Cedar Key, Florida
10. Havana