Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stanford University to Divest from Coal

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Some important breaking news on the fossil fuel divestment front:  Stanford University just became the largest university in the country to divest from publicly traded coal companies

As my regular readers know, there is a growing divestment movement underway in the country that is seeking to encourage universities and other institutions to divest their endowment funds from fossil fuel companies.  The movement started with Bill McKibbon and

Those seeking divestment note that the burning of fossil fuels are largely responsible for causing our current challenges with global climate change.  The divestment movement is taking its cues from the successful South African divestment campaign of the late 1970's and 1980's.  It is believed that divestment helped to educate the world about the brutal apartheid system in South Africa and led to change.  Indeed, check out the efforts of one Hofstra alumna in moving forward the South Africa divestment issue on my campus.

Stanford is one of the leaders in sustainability education in California.  Given the prestige and significance of Stanford, I expect we will see many more universities joining the divestment movement soon. 

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