Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Google Car

The new Google Car was recently unveiled.  It is a driverless car that allows you to do a million other things instead of driving.  I loved the look on everyone's faces in the video below.  They clearly are thrilled with the experience of travel without control.

I think that this is a wonderful way to save energy.  A driverless car will drive the vehicle in the best way possible to save gas.

I wonder if the car will become a form of a robot that can run errands for you.  Think of the possibilities.  You could send it out to pick up a prescription or groceries.  You just have to tell the store what to order and have a gps censor notify the store when your car robot arrives.  Your preselected and packed groceries can be brought out to your robot car immediately.  A camera on board would let you know if it was safe to unlock the car.  You get the idea....the possibilities are pretty amazing.

Oh robot car, I want you.

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