Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hofstra Earth Day Redux

We had a pretty amazing Earth Day celebration at Hofstra this year.  As you all know, Earth Day Started in 1970 in the United States and spread all over the world.  Since its inception, the focus of Earth Day is education.  All over the globe, schools organize events and bring environmental issues to the forefront.

At Hofstra, we had a series of events that I am highlighting in a photo essay below.
The day started with a tour of our arboretum by our arboretum Director, Fred Soviero.  It was a beautiful day for it!
Then, our facilities Sustainability Officer, Terry Greis, gave a sustainability tour of the campus.  Here students and faculty are in our cogeneration plant underneath the student union.

Then, the Sustainability Club organized a planting and education session in one of the student gardens.  Many Hofstra students as well as many students from the our daycare participated.
Throughout the day, we had a number of speakers on campus.  I attended three of the lectures.  Dr. William Colglazier is the Science Advisor to Secretary of State John Kerry.  He spoke about the importance of international cooperation in science and technology, particularly as they relate to sustainability, in creating a more peaceful and just world.

Dr. David O'Connor, the Director of the policy arm of the United Nations Sustainable Development Office spoke about the challenge achieving comprehensive progress in environment, equity, and economics in sustainable development, particularly in a world with serious issues associated with climate change.

Dr. Burrell Montz a Professor of Geographer at East Carolina University, spoke about the increasing problems of hazards in our changing world.  She noted that the costs associated with hazards are increasing as is the vulnerability of populations.  This is compounded by increasing risk associated with global climate change.

Overall, the event was very successful.  The following day, Students for a Greener Hofstra organized a an Earth Festival at which about 20 student clubs and community partners participated.

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