Friday, February 21, 2014

Campus Conservation Nationals

It's Campus Conservation Nationals time!!

Yes, it is that special time of year when universities around the country compete against each other to try to reduce energy consumption.

Last year, Hofstra placed second for the amount of electricity reduced on campuses around the country.  We are going for the gold this year! 

Check out the main site of Campus Conservation Nationals here.  You can also follow along to see how we are doing at Hofstra on this site.

I know that I many of you are from universities reading this blog.  I have a friendly bet for you. If your university does better than Hofstra in the contest, I will send you some Hofstra swag.  If Hofstra does better, you send me some swag.  Only open to the first three people who comment on this post on the blog (not Facebook).

Now go turn off some lights and shut down your computer!

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