Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Sloth Blogging

We ran into this beautiful creature on the road near Mario's house in El Hatillo in suburban Caracas.  It was in the road and after a quick photo op, we put him back in a tree.  It's a nice way to take a break from more serious sustainability South America blogging I am doing for On the Brink South America Week.  These sloths are found in some suburban areas of Caracas.
What a face!

Mario's brother holding the sloth before he put it back on a tree.  Photo also includes Mario looking on and their niece.  These animals are very gentle, but the claws can do serious damage.  They are good at holding onto trees and also crushing bones.  That is why they have to be picked up from the back.  This is a very small sloth for the area.  Like pandas, they have a restrictive diet and are found only where particular trees grow.
A view of Caracas from El Volcan in the suburbs.

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