Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reindeer Cam

A s'elfie.  Click for photo credit.
In this era of selfies, it is not surprising to find that even Santa has gotten involved with social media and developed a live reindeer webcam.  It even has a scrolling nice list.  Check it out here.

Reindeer of Europe and Asia are of course the caribou of North America.  They are the same migrating species, with the North American caribou having a very large range.  They are domesticated in some parts of Europe where they are raised for food, transportation, milk, and odd companionship (see video below).  There is very high demand for the meat, which has caused some concern for wild reindeer stock in Scandinavia.

Reindeer have four stomachs and eat a variety of lichen and vegetation such as birch leaves.  Their eyes change color with the season.  During the sunny months, their eyes are golden.  But during the winter, they turn blue.

Some reindeer are able to change their weight, which allows the flying variety to land on houses without any noise.

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Suzanna Langowski said...

Thanks for the awesome information on reindeer! I'll have to tell my daughters about their amazing eyes and ability to alter their weight! And that s'elfie...another great idea for ours this year!