Monday, December 16, 2013

Karst and Global Climate Change Papers

In this time of major anthropogenic releases of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, many are looking at karst as a key component of the global carbon cycle.  How do the formation and solution of limestone and other carbonate rocks influence large global carbon cycle patterns and what does this tell us about managing carbon to reduce the impact of global climate change?

Recently, the Karst Waters Institute and the National Cave and Karst Research institute put on a conference called Carbon and Boundaries in Karst.  Selected papers from the conference are available in Acta Carsologica here.

I think anyone interested in karst and the changing global climate cycle like I am will find something interesting in this suite of papers.  For example, a paper by Larson and Mylroie provides detailed information about how atmospheric carbon decreases during glaciation events and how that may set up a feedback loop.

There are several other papers that I found helpful in this broad field.  As it becomes clearer that we need a serious big-science atmospheric fix to try to solve the greenhouse gas problem, clearer understanding of the carbon cycle is important.  This suite of papers significantly adds to this knowledge.

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