Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hoff the Beaten Path

Adriane Hoff, the author
of Hoff the Beaten Path.
Check out this cool blog on living car free in Los Angeles.  It's called Hoff the Beaten Path and is written by my niece, Adriane Hoff.  The blog is relatively new but has some great posts already.  She works in la law (that's French for L.A. law) in a big skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles and lives in Koreatown.  She is also a major surfer and commuter and a homeless advocate.  All of my transit research peeps will like her blog a whole bunch.

LA is often seen as a city that is impossible to live in without a car, but Adriane is making it work and telling her story.

I'll return to my end of year posts maƱana, but thought I would share this gem around with my readers.

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