Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Man Obsessed with Street Sweeping

Well, I never thought I would meet another one.  There's someone else out there obsessed with street sweeping.  As the co-author of the only academic book on street sweeping, I have found myself faced with blank stares when I tell colleagues that one of my research interests is street sweeping.  Most do not realize that their streets are swept on a regular basis or that street sweeping is an important storm water management tool or that street sweeping waste is a serious waste management problem.

Street sweeping is hardly known by most people.

But there is another out there who is more obsessed than I am with the field and I found out about him due to this article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel--McKinley Page.

He has written fan letters to street sweeping manufacturers, has built models of street sweepers, and even has his own sweeper he drives around for fun.

I just like to see what they do to the environment.   And I secretly think they follow me around on vacation.  I see them everywhere I go when I am somewhere new.  When I visited the White House, they were sweeping the driveway, when I visited Hawaii, they were sweeping outside my hotel room, when I was in Paris, they were sweeping the grounds of the Louvre.  While McKinley definitely has me beat on the obsession side of things, I probably have him beat with street sweeper paranoia.

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