Friday, October 4, 2013

Thanks Stony Brook Geosciences

The Earth Sciences Building at Stony Brook University.
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A big thanks to Stony Brook Geosciences Department for having me over to give a colloquium to their graduate students yesterday.  I also met with several folks involved with their Sustainability Program and and found we have many mutual interests and many opportunities for collaboration and cooperation.  I was really impressed by all that they do in Geosciences and Sustainability.

My talk focused on sinkholes and sustainability.  I reviewed the interesting geology of Florida, spent some time talking about sinkhole formation and the variation of sinkhole formation in the state, and concluded with some broad discussion on sinkhole policy and sustainability.  I even used my new steampunk term "law of sustainabilitarianism" (more precisely defined here as the law that states that human processes acting today are likely to impact the future in predictable ways).

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