Monday, October 28, 2013

Osprey Platforms Grow in Manorhaven

The brainchild of the project, Barbara Mallon with me on the day of
installation.  Photo by Mario Gomez.
One of the devastating impacts of Superstorm Sandy was the loss of habitat for raptors around Long Island. Many constructed platforms were lost and many old tall trees on which raptors build nests were destroyed.  One Long Island resident, Barbara Mallon, decided to do something about this.

She contacted noted Long Island bird expert and activist, Jim Jones, who worked with me and Barbara on a project to build and install two platforms in the Village of Manorhaven.  Jim built many platforms throughout Long Island over the years and he worked with us in building two of them a few weeks ago.  Over the last weekend, we installed them with the help of the Environmental Club at Schreiber High School in Port Washington and Manorhaven Mayor Giunta and Village Trustee Steele.  The day before the installation, the village road crew delivered the platforms to the installation site.

The heroes of this project are Barbara Mallon and Jim Jones.  Barbara raised $500 from Manorhaven residents to build the platforms and Jim Jones volunteered his experience in building and installing the platforms.

Photos of the installation are below.  We hope that the ospreys will move in some time this spring.

The first step in installation is to dig a hole.  Photo by Mario Gomez.

The platforms have to be carried to the site for installation at low tide.  Photo by Mario Gomez.

The platforms are hoisted up and placed in the hole that was dug. Photo by Mario Gomez.

The hole is filled in and braces are installed.  Photo by Mario Gomez.

The installation crew for platform #1 near Tom's Point, Manorhaven. Photo by Mario Gomez.

The completed platform waiting for the spring ospreys. Photo by Mario Gomez.

The second platform installation crew. This one was installed near the mouth of Sheets Creek.

All we need now are the ospreys to arrive this spring.  Photo by Mario Gomez.

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fauna51 said...

It never gets old--- when you can combine a group of great people, both young and old, to work together to help one of our great local raptors! The amount of money spent was minimal, but the energy was fantastic!