Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Op-Ed in Huffington Post: Steampunking the Anthropocene

Photo by Mario Gomez.
My posting will be a little slow this week.  I am participating and presenting in a workshop organized by the United Nations called, Capacity Building Workshop and Expert Group Meeting on Mainstreaming Sustainable Development in National Development Strategies.

However, I thought I would share an op ed I wrote for the Huffington Post that was published today.  Click here to read.  It was inspired by this post I wrote last week, as well as the steampunk off Broadway production of Around the World in 80 Days I saw a few weeks ago.

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Unknown said...

I read your Huffington Post Steampunk piece and simply loved it! I am so glad that you coined a term for my chosen profession! It fits me perfectly since I manage large amounts of environmental data and display it cartographically (if that is even a word LOL). Now when people ask what I do, I am going to tell them I am a "cartobibliodatagraphecologer"