Saturday, October 5, 2013

On the Desert's Edge

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I mentioned my friend Ronal Kerbo in my earlier post today, so I thought I would introduce my readers to a book that he wrote with fellow long-time National Park Service cave and karst expert, Dale Pate.  The book is called On the Desert's Edge and it is worth a read.  You can purchase it by clicking the link to it in the banner labeled Nightstand Reading to the right.  Along with On the Dessert's Edge, I've added two other books that I am in the midst of right now.  My friend, Lynne Goldstein, suggested I might like a murder mystery titled The Last Kashmiri Rose and I am also reading Garbology for just broad environmental enlightenment.

On the Desert's Edge is clearly a love poem to the landscapes of the southwestern United States where Pate and Kerbo worked for many years.  It includes beautiful photos and a variety of poetry and prose.  It is a form of modern landscape romanticism that I find refreshing since most of the writing on the National Parks and wilderness these days is full of lots of dry, although important, scientific language.

If you are a lover of the U.S. National Parks, especially those in the southwest, you'll enjoy this book.  Both of the authors are skilled photographers of nature.  The photos alone are worth the price of the book.  However, their poetry and prose are refreshing, direct, and open.

I think this book will surprise you.  It is not the type of book one would expect to see published by long-term wilderness and park experts in the modern era.  It is a hat tilt to the romantic styles of the past, but with an up-to-date aesthetic.

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