Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Vermont Farm Blogging

I spent the weekend hanging out with friends in Vermont.  It was a very welcome break after an incredibly busy and productive start to the semester.  I got to spend time with my good friend and neighbor and many of her friends in central Vermont including long-time energy activist, Barry Bernstein who is the President of the Board of the Washington Electric Co-op.  He has dedicated his life to the clean energy movement and is one of the environmental heroes of Vermont.  You can find out more about the electric co-op here.  

We also got to hang out with the owners of Hollister Hill Farm, a totally green farm that focuses on humanely raised meat and locally produced vegetables.  They also have a B and B.  You can find out more about the farm here.  The owners have a pretty amazing story.  They left suburban New Jersey decades ago to return to the land to try to live a simpler life.  They run their farm largely on solar energy--in Vermont.  Just sayin' Florida.

It was a great weekend!

Me, Barry Bernstein, and Randy Honig.

Some happy turkeys!

Solar on the farm.  Photo by Randy Honig.

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