Friday, October 18, 2013

Citrus Growers Sour on Water Permits

Check out this article from the St. Petersburg Times about issues the state is having with some citrus growers using more water than they are allowed to use.

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In background, Florida has very limited water resources due to its thin aquifer called the Floridan Aquifer.  In the past, agricultural over pumping has been responsible for sinkhole formation and the loss of private wells.

However, the citrus industry has been hit by a tree disease called greening that shrivels roots and causes them to take in less water.  The official recommendation from agricultural scientists is to spray pesticides and cut down the tree.  However, some growers have opted to enhance watering beyond their permitted level in order to try to keep the trees alive.  This of course increases the risk of sinkholes and regional well damage to individuals in the region.

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