Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome New Readers

Photo by Mario Gomez.
I've had a number of new readers to On the Brink over the last several weeks due to exposure of my sinkhole research on CBS, CNN, and other outlets.  However, the largest influx of new readers came from a number of media sources that picked up the joint interviews conducted with Catholic Ecology blogger, William Patenaude.  For those of you interested in the topic of faith and sustainability, stay tuned.  I have two other interviews coming up with important thinkers on the topic.

If you scroll through the last few weeks of posts on this blog, you'll see the interview and some of the media posts that have drawn the most interest.  I encourage you to look in the archives to get a sense of some of the themes I cover.

If you are new to On the Brink, let me tell you a bit about this blog.  I try to blend a bit of current events and opinion on environment, sustainability, and higher education.  I am a professor of sustainability, environment, and geology at Hofstra University in Long Island New York.  I am also active with a number of cave and karst organizations and write about landscapes of soluble rock.  I also consult with the United Nations and do research in China.  I try to mix up serious topics with some lighter issues that emerge in the zeitgeist.  If you have any thoughts on how to improve the blog or topics you would like me to cover, send a note.  There is a new post almost every day and the archives have a great deal of content for you to explore.

Several others contribute occasionally to the blog.  If you are an environmentalist and interested in contributing a piece to the blog, please contact me.  I am interested in featuring writers that address or comment on sustainability, environment, and higher education issues.

Please stop back now and again to catch up with On the Brink.  Also please bookmark the page.  If you like it, share it with your friends of link to it on your website.  Also, please comment on posts.  While I moderate comments to keep out inappropriate and profane comments, I never edit comments that disagree with me or offer an alternative viewpoint.

Thanks to all of my readers for stopping by.

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