Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sinkholes in the Green Room of CNBC

Yesterday, I was asked to appear on CNBC this morning to talk about the sinkhole that formed in Orlando and to discuss overall sinkhole policy.  I made it to the CNBC offices in New Jersey early and they had me in orange television make up ready to go on live at 6:50.  However, breaking news about a resignation from the JC Penney Board took up too much time and they had to cancel my appearance.

Prior to learning of the cancellation though, CNBC showed this really nice lead in at the half hour:

I was really impressed by the knowledge of the anchors and the thoughtfulness of the report.  It was one of the most accurate descriptions of sinkhole formation I've heard in the media.

You will see that they use an old map showing sinkhole distribution of the state that everyone has been using for about two decades.  It reminded me about the sorry state of sinkhole science in Florida.  We need to do a better job of integrating science and policy in order to protect the public's interests.

A big thanks to CNBC for airing the spot and for inviting me to be on Squawk Box this morning.  While it didn't work out due to breaking news, I do appreciate the invite.
In the Green Room of CNBC

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