Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dog is to Owner as Weather is to Climate

William Patenaude at Catholic Ecology had a nice post back in July (yes, I'm just catching up with my must-read bloggers) about how we must all communicate hope about the future when discussing global climate change.  You can read the post here.  It's an interesting critique of how different videos portray global climate change.  I totally agree with William.  We are in a time of great change and to send messages of fear defeats the purpose of trying to deal with the problem. Personally, I think it will be very hard to change the trajectory of a slowly warming planet over the next 100 years absent some "big science" fix.  We need to find ways to adapt and manage our long-term problem.

What struck me about the post was a video he shared.  I thought some of you might like to use it in your teaching.  It's a great way to explain long-term verses short term variations.  We've had a cooler year this year, but there is no doubt that global climate change is moving forward.

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