Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Sustainable Bite To Eat

During my spring break I was able to take a trip to visit some family in Rochester, NY. While in Rochester, we stopped for lunch at The Gate House Cafe. What a great place to eat! And very sustainable too! 
What surprised me the most about this place was the fact of how sustainable it was and you wouldn't have even known it. Depending on where you are in the city of Rochester, it can be very artsy. I stayed near the NOTA (Neighborhood of the Arts). Of course they would have a sustainable place to eat... The NOTA in Rochester reminded me a lot of the TV show Portlandia
Portlandia's Women & Women First Equivalent?

The Gate House Cafe, "believe(s) that food is best in its most natural state, and despite the higher cost, we support humane and organic farm practices by serving cage-free eggs and organic dairy, and we operate 100% on solar and wind power".

I would have never guessed this by looking at the place. To me, it seemed like a regular place to eat. I was really satisfied with the meal and the number of items on the menu. 

The Gate House Menu
The Gate House Cafe is on my list of eateries to return too! If you're in the Rochester Area, please stop by and check them out...  

Speaking of Sustainability, something I also was able to try for the first time was organic peanut butter. It was so delicious. I really enjoyed it. Rochester seemed to be a very sustainable place. Here are some links to check out: City of Rochester | Office of Sustainability, A Sustainable Rochester.
While in the neighborhood of the arts we were able to see some pretty cool things... Pics are below!

Street Pole with Artsy Glass

The Gate House

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