Monday, February 11, 2013

John Muir Quiz

I am talking about John Muir in my class today.  So, I thought I would give a quiz today to test your knowledge about his early life.

1.  Where was John Muir born?

2.  Where did John Muir grown up?

3.  John Muir was injured in a factory accident when he was a young man.  How was he injured.

4.  According to Muir's writings, what was the first mountain range he experienced?

5.  The first major "walk" he took was a 1000 mile trek to this major water body.  What was it?

6.  After his 1000 mile walk, he got very sick.  What was his illness?

7.  When Muir recovered, he went to California by ship.  To which city did he sail?

8.  How old was Muir when he arrived in California?

9.   When he first arrived, what job did Muir have in California to support himself?

10.  Who inspired him to think more deeply about his writing after meeting in California?

See comments on this post for answers.


Bob Brinkmann said...

1. Scotland.
2. The home state of all great environmentalists!! Wisconsin.
3. He lost vision in an eye.
4. The Cumberlands.
5. The Gulf of Mexico.
6. Malaria.
7. San Francisco.
8. 30.
9. He worked in a mill cutting wood.

Bob Brinkmann said...

10. Ralph Waldo Emerson