Saturday, January 12, 2013

The TOP Beach In America

What a beautiful beach! Caladesi Beach in Florida.

In 2008, Caladesi Beach won an award for the #1 Beach in America (  And a #1 it is!  The texture of the sand was unbelievable! I couldn't believe how perfect and fine the sand was. Talk about WHITE SANDY BEACHES! 

Shelling is a must-do at this beach as there are a ton of shells. The most beautiful shells I have ever seen.


There were many sights to see besides the shells. When you take the ferry over from Honeymoon Island you are greeted with these beautiful palm trees.

I'm an avid beach goer and this is most definitely #1 in my book! 

One thing that really struck me was the pristine nature of the island. I noticed that many people weren't dumping things, and that they were very respectable about the island and the environment. Caladesi is near the city of Dunedin, FL which has a great sustainability program.


Caladesi Island is about 45 mins WEST of Tampa... If you're in the area, it is a definite MUST SEE!

 *Check out a few more photo's below!

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