Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Energy Industry and Greenhouse Gas Management

I am adding this headshot here
only because it is the one that I thought
was going with the article.  Instead, they
published one of me near a train
in Hungary.  See that photo here.
My opinion piece for the Oil and Gas Monitor is front line news on their online site today.  You can check out the main site here and find the article here in case it gets "beneath the fold" of internet headlines.

Some energy companies are really making a solid effort to try to address the realities of global climate change, while others are sadly lagging behind.  Some are still around the campfires of the increasingly marginalized climate change denial camp.  You'll have to read my piece to get the whole point, but suffice it to say that I believe that energy companies have the potential to be around a long time--if they can help the world through this current crisis. 

When I watched the news coverage of the first Earth Day events in 1970 that I posted yesterday, I was struck how global warming was already a key issue--almost 43 years ago!!  Now that we are seeing the accelerated impacts of global climate change, it is time for industrial leadership to step forward in order for them to have a credible place at the policy making table.  

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