Monday, January 21, 2013

Suburbs of Caracas

Hello from Caracas Venezuela!  I'm in South America visiting family before the start of the semester and I thought I would do a few posts this week about the area.  Yesterday, I posted on a half marathon through a mountainous region known for its cacao production.  Today, I thought I would post some photos to show the structural difference between the South American suburb and the North American one.

This is a typical suburban front yard in the outskirts of Caracas.  The
houses are walled or fenced with private back and front yards and lots
of covered open air spaces to take advantage of the pleasant climate.
Many suburbs like this in Caracas are gated and guarded.
Photo by Bob Brinkmann. 

This view from the center of Hatillo shows a different type of suburban development--the barrio.  As big cities like Caracas expand, some suburbs develop formally like the first photo.  Others developments are more informal like the high density barrio.  Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

As cities around the world expand, they extend into smaller communities, engulfing them into the new urban area while maintaining some original characteristics.  This is the center of the community of Hatillo, an old colonial town that once was on the ouskirts of Caracas.  Now, it is essentially part of greater Caracas.  Photo by Bob Brinkmann.
The town square of Hatillo, anchored by the church in the previous photo, is the center of life in these suburban centers.  In this photo, a group is enjoying playing music and singing.  Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

You can see all kinds of things in the town square.  Even dogs with socks.
Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

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